Survey finds mould a problem for over 50% of renters

By Anonymous
September 25, 2016 has reported (25/09/2016) on a survey that indicates that there is mould in almost 50% of the country's rental accommodation.

The HRV State of the Home online survey had 1405 respondents and revealed that renters take far more sick days than the national average. 

Almost a third of renters who completed the survey said that they had moved out of a home due to it being mould, cold or damp.

Professor Charles Crothers from AUT wrote the survey questions and says that the results highlight the need for immediate action to improve conditions of rental accommodation.

Mr Crothers says that a Warrant of Fitness (WoF) for rental properties should be a priority. As part of the WoF, adequate heating would be required in living areas, underfloor insulation and ceiling insulation would be assessed, kitchens and bathrooms would need to be ventilated, among other requirements.