Tenants paying more for warm dry homes

By Anonymous
March 26, 2016

Stuff.co.nz has reported (26/03/2016) on the increased demand from renters for dry and warm homes in Hamilton.

David Kneebone, general manager of Lodge City Rentals, has noticed a shift in Hamilton's rental market where tenants are prepared to pay more for warm, clean and new homes.

Mr Kneebone also noted that the shift was not just limited to wage and salary earners. University students moving out of homes with insulation are expecting a level of comfort when they move out.

Median rent in Hamilton recently hit a record high of $360 per week, a rise of $35 since 2014.

Jeremy Baker, director of Glasshouse Property Management, said that house improvement has driven some of the movement in rent. He has noticed a lot of owners installing home insulation, heat pumps, bathrooms and kitchens.

Mr Baker said that the influence of healthy homes campaigns has led to an increase of questions from renters around home insulation, double glazed windows and heat pumps.