Innovative insulation solutions from Knauf Insulation on show at BuildNZ
By Claire Cunliffe on June 19, 2018


Knauf Insulation will be displaying its range of innovative and high performing thermal and acoustic insulation solutions at the BuildNZ exhibition, 4-5 July 2018.

Knauf Insulation will demonstrate in-situ insulation solutions that can be used as sustainable solutions for energy efficient, thermally comfortable and healthy buildings.

Earthwool® glasswool insulation has been available in New Zealand since 2012 and has provided builders and households with a choice of high quality glasswool insulation that is super-soft and easy to handle. Made using up to 80 per cent recycled glass and with the revolutionary ECOSE® Technology binder, which contains no added formaldehyde, petro- based chemicals or bleaches, Earthwool® glasswool benefits from reduced embodied energy and delivers superior environmental sustainability and has a GreenTag Level A rating.

DriTherm® will also be shown in a masonry cavity wall display. DriTherm® was developed for masonry walls and is silicone treated to ensure moisture resistance, which is backed by a 50 moisture resistance guarantee. Like all Earthwool® glasswool insulation products, DriTherm® has inherent thermal, acoustic and fire performance.

Knauf Insulation will also showcase its blow-in glasswool solutions for high performing homes. Since its launch in New Zealand in 2015, Jet Stream® MAX has been specified for a number of high profile homes, which have been designed to achieve high thermal performance and energy efficiency. The installation process for Jet Steam® MAX allows designers and homeowners to achieve outstanding thermal performance as it reduces thermal bridging by fully-filling all gaps and voids and it can be installed at a high density in order to achieve high R-Values.

For more information visit Knauf Insulation at BuildNZ, 4-5 July at the ASB Showgrounds or visit